Dec 1, 2016

6 Ways To Start & Keep a Conversation With a Stranger Online

Chatting with strangers online can be a very entertaining thing to do and a great way to make friends. However, most of the time it’s difficult to start and maintain a conversation online, even though the desire to do can be big. That being said, we will teach you a few ways how to interact easily with strangers online and keep the conversation going.

1.      Don’t mind what strangers think
If you are afraid of what strangers think, the chances are you’ll never start an online conversation. Just like in real life, online too it’s crucial that you shouldn’t care what strangers think. We say this in a way that you can talk about whatever you want and express your opinion without caring. If you feel like the person you are talking to doesn’t understand you or doesn’t care, simple log off that chat and try it with another person.

2.      Chat at non-normal hours
There are times of the day like the afternoon or at night that chats are usually full with people. That way it’s hard to start a conversation with someone because they have all these people trying to talk to them simultaneously. So you should be a bit clever and find the hours that the chats are so crowded. That way you can have a slow conversation with whoever you want.

3.    Image that the other person is already your friend
If you keep having trouble with talking to strangers online even though you want to, imagine that that person is already your friend. Just think of what you say to your actual friends and the things you discuss with them. Then act as if you’re talking with them. It will definitely make things easier and you’ll start a conversation.

4.     Talk to them the same way you’d want someone to talk to you
This rule applies in online chatting just like in the daily life. If you’re a boy trying to flirt/pick up a girl, don’t be vulgar. Also, if you’re having a bad day, don’t be rude to the person you’re chatting to as it’s not their fault. If you do these things we mentioned you will definitely kill the conversation.

5.      React to what the other person says
In order to keep the conversation going in an online chat it’s important to react to what the other person says. If they ask a question, answer. If they make a joke, laugh or if they tell you some fact, act surprised. That way the other person will get the impression that you’re actually into the conversation.


6.      Make it about them
Last but not least: Make it about them. Every human being loves feeling important and that’s a fact. If you manage to make the conversation about the other person they’ll definitely be trying to maintain it. Ask them question about themselves, ask their opinions and stuff like that. But be careful, if the other person doesn’t show interest on you and only keeps talking about their self, there’s no point to continue chatting.

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